Peanut Butter Blossoms

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies

As Christmas fast approaches I realized it's time to get my cooking baking in gear lest my guests arrive at my house to a sad spread of store bought cookies.  While flipping through some magazines and books for inspiration I came across chocolate cookies with peppermint kisses on top.  While those didn't seem appealing I remembered the peanut butter cookies with the chocolate kiss toppers. … [Read more...]

Candy Cane Sugar Cookies

Candy Cane Cookies

Hello Everyone!  I fretted a lot about what recipe to use for my first post back after such a long break.  Deciding on the perfect post with the perfect pictures seemed so crucial.  After much, much, much thought I decided that... I should post something Christmasy because it's that Christmasy time of year.   Luckily it has been Christmas cookie central at my house for the last few weeks so I had … [Read more...]

Cooking by Moonlight’s Brand New Look!

Old Site New Site

You know how sometimes you'll get a call from an old friend, one you haven't spoke to in ages?  You'll answer the phone and talk for hours... almost like you were never apart.  I hope that's how this post finds you.  It's been ages hasn't it?  I'm sure you have changed and you'll notice so have I!  The brand spanking new website here at Cooking by Moonlight took me quite a while to get together … [Read more...]

Spinach and Chicken Salad


So who doesn't love chicken salad?  Probably no one because it's amazing.  I always loved chicken salad even when I was young.  After years of ordering it all sorts of places I have had plenty of different varieties.  Everything from mayonnaise heavy to a mustard curry... some with fruit, some with nuts, some with veggies... some with cubed chicken, some with shredded, some with tofu.  I don't … [Read more...]

Spinach and Black Bean Enchiladas


A few weeks ago I went to a Mexican restaurant near my apartment.  I was with my mom at the time and was trying to eat less meat so I ordered the spinach enchiladas.  I wasn't expecting much so you can imagine my surprise when one of the most delicious Mexican dishes I have had in San Antonio showed up on my plate!  I knew that I would have to try to make these on my own sometime and today I gave … [Read more...]